100 Adjectives that Evoke Emotion in a Memoir

Memoirs are a powerful way to share personal stories and experiences with the world.

They allow us to reflect on the past, learn from our family's mistakes and those of our own, and celebrate our triumphs.

In this list, I've compiled 100 adjectives that can help evoke emotion and...

100+ Christmas Present Ideas for Your Favorite Family Historian

It's Christmas Time!

My favorite time of the year.

Do you have a family historian in the family and wondering what to get for him or her?

I have lots of ideas!! ...over 100 of them to be exact. 

Family Historians Love to be Appreciated

There are several reasons...

3 Benefits of Publishing a Family History Book This Year

Have you ever thought about publishing your family history?

It's a great way to share your research with others and preserve your findings for future generations.

Not sure where to start?

Here are a few benefits of publishing your family history that might just convince you to give it a try.