100+ Christmas Present Ideas for Your Favorite Family Historian

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Christmas presents for the family historian

It's Christmas Time! ๐ŸŽ„

My favorite time of the year.

Do you have a family historian in the family and wondering what to get for him or her?

I have lots of ideas!! ...over 100 of them to be exact. 

Family Historians Love to be Appreciated

There are several reasons why your favorite family historian might appreciate receiving a gift related to their hobby or profession.

  • First, such a gift can be a practical tool or resource that can help them with their research and organization.
  • Second, it can be a way to show support and encouragement for their efforts to preserve and document the family's history.
  • Third, it can be a fun and enjoyable way to connect with their interests and passions.
  • Finally, it can be a way to introduce other family members to the joys of genealogy and encourage them to get involved in the research and preservation of their own family history.


Imagine their faces when they open up one of these fun presents! ๐ŸŽ

Researching and writing a family history book takes a lot of effort and many times the historian is doing it out of their love and desire to keep the family's history alive.

There's no one more deserving than the family historian this Christmas!


Here are 100 Gift Ideas to Reward your Favorite Family Historian 

  1. An online course on researching, writing or publishing their family history like From Piles of Files to Published™ 

     ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ This new program is going to be launching in 2024. Get your family historian on the waiting list. HERE

  2. A book on family history research or genealogy

  3. A DNA testing kit, such as those offered by 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or Family Tree DNA to help them learn more about their family's genetic origins and potential health risks

  4. A family tree chart or software to create one

  5. An editing program like Pro Writing Aid to add to Microsoft Word that will make their writing streamlined and reduce grammatical errors

  6. A subscription to Canva to have access to tools to help edit photos, create book covers, and social media posts. (100 million people use this monthly) โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ
  7. A subscription to a genealogy website or database such as Ancestry.com, MyHeritage.com to help them research their family tree and discover new ancestors

  8. A genealogy software program, such as Family Tree Maker or RootsMagic

  9. A digital photo frame, album or vintage frame to display old family photos

  10. A gift card to a local archives or library for access to records online

  11. A journal or scrapbook for capturing family stories and memories/Include stickers and journaling supplies

  12. A portable scanner like the popular Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner seen here. I have this and love it. It's so convenient to pop in your purse and take it to a relatives house to scan some of their photos. Maximum size to scan is 4 x 6 inches. You'll need a small SD card to store the photos. It fits into the back of the device.

  13. A guide on family history research techniques and methods to help them improve their research skills and learn new techniques.

  14. A family tree-themed piece of art or decor for the home that you can find on Etsy.com

  15. A trip to visit a family history site or location that is significant to the family

  16. A digital photo scanner or document scanner to help them digitize and preserve their family's photographs like this one found on amazon.com

  17. A subscription to Evernote which will help them keep their research organized

  18. An iPad with pencil so they can take their research anywhere and work on it at a cafe or on the go

  19. A set of high-quality archival storage materials, such as acid-free boxes, folders, and even lopes to help them preserve their family's documents, photographs, and other historical artifacts.

  20. A magnifying glass for examining old hand written documents

  21. A comfy Library sweater or poncho to throw over their shoulders to keep warm when researching

  22. A beautiful pen or soft lead pencil from amazon.com to write names on the back of photographs

  23. A digital voice recorder to record interviews.

  24. A transcribing software app like Otter.com to help them record and transcribe oral history interviews with their family. Learn more at valeriesims.info/otter

  25. Surround sound speakers to listen to their favorite podcasts

  26. A trip to a historical location or genealogy conference, such as the annual RootsTech Conference in Salt Lake City, the National Genealogical Society Conference or the Family History Fair, to help them continue their research and learn from other family history enthusiasts.

  27. A visual online organization tool like Trello to help them organize their projects like book chapters, workflow or research tasks. I love it!
  28. Back up drives like these on amazon.

  29. A Digital Planner to use as a Research Log

  30. Purchase a SmugMug subscription for them to story all their family photographs and documents  โƒ•
  31. A set of genealogy-themed notepads or journals, to help them record their thoughts, discoveries, and questions as they research their family history.

  32. A custom-made family tree or family history book, to help them share their findings with others.

  33. A custom-made family history gift, such as a personalized family tree or a piece of jewelry featuring their family's coat of arms.
  34. A gift certificate for a professional genealogy consultation, to help them get expert help with a challenging research problem.

  35. A decorative map of your ancestors home country found on Etsy.com.

  36. A pretty journal or notebook for recording family history research findings and matching pen set

  37. A set of blank scrapbook pages and embellishments for creating a family history scrapbook.

  38.  A set of genealogy research guides or reference books, such as a guide to deciphering old handwriting or a dictionary of surnames.

  39. A set of blank index cards for organizing and storing family history information.

  40. A set of genealogy-themed gifts, such as mugs, throw pillows, t-shirts, or totes, with a family crest or surname or phrases family historians would love.

  41. A set of colored pens or markers for adding notes or highlighting important information on family tree charts.

  42. A set of blank notecards or postcards for sending updates or announcements about family history research to other family members.

  43. A set of genealogy-themed puzzles or games, such as crossword puzzles or word searches, for family members to enjoy together.

  44. A set of blank archival labels or stickers for organizing and labeling photos, documents, and other family history materials.

  45. A set of blank research forms, such as pedigree charts or census forms, for recording family history information in a standardized format.

  46. A gift certificate to a local museum or archives, where the family historian can continue their research. 

  47. An Ancestors prized possession that you know your family historian would cherish

  48. An airline ticket and hotel stay to visit Rootstech in Salt Lake City or Who Do You Think You Are in London.

  49. A Digital Camera like these on amazon.

  50. A Tombstone Rubbing Kit

  51.  A new Smart phone

  52. USB flash drives

  53. A Rocketbook to keep electronic notes 

  54. A new desktop computer with the latest technology  โคต

  55.  A copy of a much-loved family recipe book 

  56. A comfortable gaming chair for their long hours spent at their computer desk. Its more comfortable than an office chair! ๐Ÿ’•

  57. A Family Tree magazine subscription or Who Do You Think You Are magazine

  58. A Caligraphy Pen and Wax seal set

  59. An Engraved name on jewelry or envelpe opener

  60. Downloadable planners and trackers to keep track of Time/Expenses/Goals. Here's one to help family historians stay focused. Download now!

  61. A subscription to StoryWorth

  62. A WD 2TB Elements portable external hard drive with a pretty case

  63. A quality mic for recording family members when using the Otter app

  64. A Consultation with The Photo Detective Maureen Taylor

  65. A gift card to Gaylord Archival for storage supplies

  66. DIY Photo Archiving Kit

  67. Blue photo-marking pencil

  68. A Shutterfly family ancestry photo book

  69. A podcast subscription to Genealogy Gems

  70. Family Tree website VIP membership

  71. A jewelry loupe to read small text on jewelry and photos

  72. A subscription to Dropbox to store all their files

  73. Hire the services of a Professional Genealogist

  74. A Photo editing service

  75. Help a researcher in a foreign country to help them find additional documents

  76. A copy of Genealogical Proof standard: Building A Solid Case by Christine Rose for their desk

  77. A ticket to a private reading with Matt Fraser the psychic medium who has the ability to connect with relatives who have passed away

  78. An online course to Improve their writing skills

  79. A comfy ergonomic back pillow to use while researching online

  80. A pair of quality earbuds for tuning into genealogy podcasts on the go or headphones  
  81. Crafts like fillable ornaments to add family photos to a Christmas tree

  82. Do they love hunting for hidden treasure? How about a metal detector! They can find lots of family treasures in their own back yard.

  83. A personalized book lovers kit from amazon

  84. A gift card to a local library, to help them access valuable resources and get photocopies for their research.

  85. Embroidered gifts with Crest/Family Coat of Arms

  86. A set of blank family tree charts for recording new information

  87. A set of genealogy software or apps for organizing and analyzing family history data

  88. A set of blank genealogy forms for recording information about ancestors

  89. Wall Maps/Posters/Road Atlas

  90. A book or guide on how to  conduct oral history interviews with family members

  91. A set of personalized labels or tags for organizing and identifying family history materials

  92. A custom-made genealogy-themed piece of art or home decor

  93. A set of genealogy-themed books or novels for leisure reading

  94. A set of genealogy-themed games or puzzles for family fun

  95. A gift card to a local bookstore or shop for genealogy-related items

  96. A set of blank journals or notebooks for recording family history research notes and findings

  97. A set of blank journals or notebooks or personalized notepaper with the family crest or coat of arms for recording family history research notes

  98. A premium subscription to Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems Podcast
  99. Make a donation in their name to a historical society or give them a membership

  100. Purchase an iTunes card from apple for helpful apps that they can download to their phone

  101. A lockable file cabinet

  102. A Portable monitor for laptop to double their screen available by amazon.
  103. A bookshelf

  104. Desk accessories

  105. A smart watch

  106. An iPad stand for hand-free recording of an interview

  107. Screen protector for electronic devises (iPad)

  108. A pair of anti-glare computer glasses that block out the glare and ease the strain on their eyes. 

I hope this list inspires you with great ideas!

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